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Time is our most precious resource, so before engaging in the logistics of coordinating a live session, let's see if we are a strong D/s match. I need to enjoy myself at play, therefore, want to know who I will be meeting beforehand. As a lifestyle Dominatrix, my methods are dramatically different from the average service provider: you are interacting with a true Dominant here.

If you care to please your sapiophile Mistress, you may consider doing some homework by learning more about me and the etiquette I expect from my subordinates. I also created a compatibility test for you to use to define if we are meant to be.


For regulatory reasons, I do NOT process any payments on this site: clear payment instructions will be sent to you directly once you have completed the connection package form.

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Do you want to melt at the sound of my French accent over the phone or do you seek shivers down your spine using just the right words in written messages? 


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