​I care deeply about establishing an authentic bond with all of my submissives. The purpose of our interaction is not to play meaningless roles, fake our way through a session, and emerge unfulfilled. We are coming together for our mutual satisfaction, so let's leverage this compatibility process to its full potential. 

Read the content below in order to answer my 3 evaluation questions at the end of this text. This questionnaire has been carefully designed and represents your first opportunity to please me. Take the time to reflect and write down your answers before reaching out to me. Demonstrate your worthiness, and you will win the privilege of my undivided attention.


Demonstrating genuine interest in who I truly am, rather than serving your own desires, is the greatest gift and compliment. Study my media and read about me to understand the woman you ache to serve: this displays true devotion which is a fantastic prelude to our interactions. This process will also enable you to see whether we are well matched as Domme and sub.

To me, the sexiest aspect of your anatomy is your brain. As a sapiophile, I crave cerebral connection with my play partners. It is likely that we will interact on levels from cognitive to emotional to sensual, so pay close attention, or you may miss an opportunity to satisfy me.


My craft


The excellence of my work is the result of my technical talents, education, creativity, ethics, and authentic dominance. I have trained extensively in the BDSM arts and continuously broaden my skill repertoire to further perfect my craft and deliver outstanding experiences. I have completed over 500 hours of rope bondage courses alone, as well as health and safety courses to ensure safe play.  I have studied with reputable, experienced tops, and my expertise includes impact play, electro play, anal play, sharps and needles, dungeon use and monitoring, body manipulation, none rope bondage, mummification, wax play, water and hard sports, power exchange and sensation play. I engage in every scene with meticulous care, and scene negotiation, consent and communication, and discussing mental and emotional health are all aspects of a holistic kink experience with me. ​


Given my high level of expertise, I expect to be served by true submissives who seek a mutually beneficial relationship with a dominant they value and respect. My vocation goes beyond developing outstanding skills and respecting high safety standards: I also care deeply for the emotional satisfaction of those who serve me. I will provide opportunities for you to express your boundaries, and I promise to respect your limits and to create the safe space you need to express yourself freely. Honest communication is a critical pillar in my D/s relationships and will enable our authentic connection.


My boundaries


I am not a doll for hire, nor an actress that will bend to your wishes. I do not offer sex services: I offer D/s relationship arrangements bound by financial agreements. A submissive will never control my body or my actions. I do not tolerate condescending behaviour, and will only see submissive individuals who respect and appreciate dominant women, preferably matriarchists, gynarchists or female supremacists.


Domination v.s. Service Top


I will attend to your submissive needs as you please me: I do not serve you. Power exchange defines our dynamic, and within our session, I represent your superior as I dominate you intellectually, emotionally, and physically. I do not accept topping from the bottom, forcing a restrictive script, demanding to pleasure me, or otherwise exercising control. I offer the privilege of my refined skills, costly equipment, intellectual and emotional energy, care and presence to nurture your submissive needs. By offering your tribute and giving over total control to me within our time together, you will work to satisfy my dominant needs.


Never assume

Don’t try to guess what I desire or enjoy. I have unique tastes and a complex personality, as well as allergies, sensitivities and suitcase allowances to observe. If you wish to bring a gift, please bring extra cash. Within our session, there will be no guessing games when it comes to pleasing me: I will let you know exactly what to do.  Further, we cannot predict the final outcome of our interactions: there are too many variables to be able to foresee everything, and what will take place between us is a unique, perhaps once-in-a-lifetime experience that we will cherish together. Fixed demands are unrealistic, and defeat the purpose of surrendering total control and finding bliss in my power.

Honesty and communication


I possess acute lie-detecting skills. Do not insult my intelligence or waste our time by being untruthful: it’s counterproductive to what we could create together. BDSM and power exchange solely relies on trust, so our utmost transparency is paramount. 


To achieve proper consent, we will carefully negotiate prior to kink play, establish safe words, and have ongoing communication as necessary within our scene. You may think you like a kink, and in the middle of play, realize that it’s not for you. In this case, use your safe word and exercise your consent immediately. I have no attachments to specific outcomes, so exercising your consent will not ruin the scene or disappoint me: your well-being is key. If you wish for something, express it clearly and I will tell you if I agree with your demand, or not, or I will suggest a suitable compromise.

Legality and consent


I have the legal responsibility to actively seek consent from all of my submissives regardless of their fantasies of being used and abused or previously agreed upon activities. Consent can only be achieved for the duration of the session and must be reconfirmed each time we see each other. This obligation cannot be dismissed, and we will negotiate prior to every interaction so that I may create a spontaneous scene that is perfectly matched to our D/s desires, without legal risk. 


As per Royal Canadian Mounted Police brochure: Respect Sexual Consent:


Consent is feeling…

  • Willing

  • Certain

  • Comfortable

  • Sober

  • Informed

  • Respected


Consent is not feeling…

  • Pressured

  • Confused

  • Scared

  • Drunk or high

  • Ignored

  • Disrespected


I will add “being in sub-space” to this list, as it represents an altered state where proper decisions cannot be made.


I believe deeply in Canadian consent ethics, and will abide by those standards regardless of the country the session will be taking place in.


Booking etiquette

I require a minimum retainer of 20% of the total cost of the session to be paid before the booking is finalized. If you can’t trust me with your deposit, then how can you trust me with your well-being at play? Be congruent, do your research for my credentials and understand that all serious professionals demand retainers. Nothing is more despicable or rude than attempting to negotiate a woman’s terms. 


Finally, you will communicate any necessary changes, delays or cancellations. If you ghost or simply fail to show up, even if you paid a retainer or a full tribute, I will not book you again. I expect an explanation and apology if you fail to honor your commitment.


To conclude


I’m pleased that you have sought to learn about my domination style and my values. If you desire to experience my control, to serve me and submit to me, respond to my three questions below. Take this opportunity to prove yourself, and if I deem fit, you may be rewarded.


Time to evaluate our future as a Dominant and sub, please answer the questions below.


Why do you wish to serve me?

How can you bring value to our D/s relationship?

Name 3 of my principles or more you find particularly important and explain why?