Are we a match?


Time is our most precious resource, so before engaging in the logistics of coordinating a live session, let's see if we are a strong D/s match. I need to enjoy myself at play, therefore, want to know who I will be meeting beforehand. As a lifestyle Dominatrix, my methods are dramatically different from the average service provider: you are interacting with a true Dominant here.

If you care to please your sapiophile Mistress, you may consider doing some homework by learning more about me and the etiquette I expect from my subordinates. I also created a compatibility test for you to use to define if we are meant to be.


For regulatory reasons, I do NOT process any payments on this site: clear payment instructions will be sent to you directly once you have completed the connection package form.


You will receive an answer if your request is worthy of one.




Do you want to melt at the sound of my French accent over the phone or do you seek shivers down your spine using just the right words in written messages? 


Choose the connection method that suits you best and let's start getting to know each other. 



Who knows where talk will take us.


This method of introduction has the benefit of conveying ones intonations in order to better grasp each other's personalities.


I may not be in your city at the time of our call or you may be too shy to meet in person yet. A phone conversation is the perfect alternative to listen to what we want and cater to our needs.


I also enjoy talking to existing submissives while away to nurture our bound and reinforce our D/s dynamic.


 30 minutes 
$60 CAD*
 60 minutes 
$120 CAD*
*Foreign currency tributes will be converted using daily rates.



Your life circumstance simply won't permit to meet before our session or talk on the phone but you are determined to secure your place by my feet.

Maybe you express yourself better in writing and anticipate to please your sapiophile Mistress with eloquent prose.


Or, the difference in time zones will make it easier for us to stay connected by written messages.

Using various platforms from email to messaging apps, I will ensure that we connect. 

 30 minutes 
$50 CAD*
 60 minutes 
$100 CAD*
*Foreign currency tributes will be converted using daily rates.