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Are we a match?


Time is our most precious resource, so before engaging in the logistics of coordinating a live session, let's see if we are a strong D/s match.  As a lifestyle Dominatrix, my methods are dramatically different from the average service provider: you are interacting with a true Dominant.


As a conscientious Mistress, I aim to create transcendent interactions that leave us both ecstatic. Under my command, you will find a safe place where you will be accepted and welcomed to express your most deviant desires. Serving me, you will be enveloped in a deeply engaging experience based on your personality and physical abilities, stimulating your entire being to new heights. Upon the reception of your tribute, I will begin to nurture your submissive needs through my refined skills and incomparable emotional presence. Reciprocally, by surrendering to me as the Maestra of your journey along with your devotion and loyalty, you will have the pleasure of satisfying my Dominant needs.

You have 4 ways to determine if you are well aligned as a potential sub or slave to me. 

 Free written compatibility test 

Applying yourself like a good slave is the first opportunity to please your sapiophile Mistress. Show your genuine interest towards me to excite me and to earn a place at my feet.

 30 minutes face to face consultation: 50$ 

A good old-fashioned meeting over tea and/or a bite. There, we can develop a feel for one another, while discovering our affinities and unique differences. Meeting me face to face is the most reliable way to find out if we are well-matched for D/s, and features the added bonus of sharing good company. The details of our session can be discussed then, and we could even go into play right afterwards if my schedule permits. 

 30 minutes consultation (phone or messaging): 30$ 

This is your opportunity to ask booking-related questions and coordinate the details of our meeting. Our conversation will be focused on the logistics of a live session, not erotic conversation. 

 60 minutes of kinky messaging: 50$ 

You're an impatient one, and ache to start playing now. In an hour of sensual fetish messaging, you will have the pleasure of discovering more about how to please me, and we may begin fantasizing about all the kinks we will explore in person. We can explore kink through messaging as much as you desire, both before, after, or instead of a real-time session.

Select the method that better suits you in submitting your candidacy to become mine, and please me by approaching correctly. 


For regulatory reasons, I don't process any payments on this site: clear payment instructions will be sent to you directly once you have completed the form of your choice.

​I care deeply about establishing an authentic bond with all of my play partners. The purpose of our interaction is not to play meaningless roles, fake our way through a session, and emerge unfulfilled. We are coming together for our mutual satisfaction, so let's leverage this compatibility process to its full potential. 

Read the content below in order to answer my 3 evaluation questions at the end of this text. This questionnaire has been carefully designed and represents your first opportunity to please me. Demonstrate your worthiness, and you will win the privilege of my undivided attention.


Demonstrating genuine interest in who I truly am, rather than serving your own desires, is the greatest gift and compliment. Study my media and read about me to understand the woman you ache to serve: this displays true devotion which is a fantastic prelude to our interactions. This process will also enable you to see whether we are well matched as Domme and sub.

To me, the sexiest aspect of your anatomy is your brain. As a sapiophile, I crave cerebral connection with my play partners. It is likely that we will interact on levels from cognitive to emotional to sensual, so pay close attention, or you may miss an opportunity to satisfy me.