Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Integrity is a promise that I wish to give to all. There are many definitions and perspectives on this subject, yet I want you to learn more about my interpretation of this fundamental value. My work makes me whole; it brings all the facets of my life together in harmony. But beyond self-expression, I want my work to also bring wholeness and freedom of expression to others. Integrity for me and you, integrity within me and within you.

Ethics is an essential self-check process in which you are forced to ask yourself: "Is this right for this person in these circumstances"? Integrity is the actions that you take out of that reflection process. It's one thing to think the right thing, it's an entirely different world to have the courage to do what is right through actions. Integrity is the hard choices that will force you to confront the darkest parts of yourself, calling you to come clean, pushing you to be your better-self every day. It isn't for the faint-hearted or the weak, you have to own up to your mistakes and do something about them.

There are no cutting corners, no lies, no excuses, and no self-deceiving; just the cold hard truth and what you must do about it. It's uncomfortable, sometimes exhausting but it's ultimate rewards, are in my opinion, priceless. Knowing that I did the very best I could all day, that I didn't hide what I was ashamed of, or run away from feeling ridiculous while exposing my imperfections. That is the commitment I've undertaken for myself: to always improve and to learn from my mistakes. A perpetual growth process that exercises my courage and cultivates my true inner strength.

Now if this resonates with you, I'm glad because I want you to know that I'm genuinely myself here, and in my work. I don't hide behind an act, I won't lie to get more money, I don't take risks I'm not adequately trained for, and I've created a support network to help me stay on track. These promises that I made to myself extend to you. I will do my very best to be: transparent, honest, skillful, educated, compassionate, and generous. I strive for you to take home something that will last well beyond the booked session time.

You won't be feeding illusions, and your submission won't be a toxic attempt to escape reality. Together we will lay the building blocks of a more fulfilling life for you and me. Physical interactions are only skin deep and even if I have the expertise to excel at them. You are a complex being that has more than just flesh needs. In a society that forbids men to live their emotions, having an insightful guide on which you can rely on and open up to is crucial, especially in the vulnerable context of submission. My years of coaching allows me to reveal the real psychological needs underneath someone's screaming urges. I don't just treat the symptoms, I address the cause for lasting satisfaction and transformation.

We will explore within the framework of ethics and mutual respect what it means to have integrity while engaged in play. We will include our whole selves in the process, opening up to one another so that meaningful feelings and memories can blossom. Being true to myself and to my purpose means to provide you with all of the tools at my disposal to help you find your path as a submissive. This will allow you to explore your kinks freely within the safety of our mutually agreed-upon boundaries. My desire is to plant seeds of knowledge that will grow and feed profound emotional fulfillment.

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