I only said “relationship” 5 times in the spent of 2 minutes. Trust and genuine respect is the only true reliable measure I can put in place to move forward with my July reopening. That means if you haven’t started communicating with me on Niteflirt or through other means of tributed communications, I will not see you. I have a new permanent NO stranger policy that is here to stay. I have transitioned from a service top-business to a lifestyle with tribute craftswomanship. No longer will I see random horny guys who feel like having something different, those days are over. I have refocused my energy and time on what and who matters most to me.

If you want to be part of that list, then start today and purchase a communication package. At a reasonable cost, you can exchange with me to find out if we are a match. This way, we can assess if we can meet our respective needs and gain mutual satisfaction in the process. Once we have concluded that we do enjoy each other’s virtual company, we can later move on with face to face interactions. This is a matter of reciprocity and real submission: if you dedicate yourself to me, I will in return give you my time and skills. Instant lazy gratification is not my forte and I will not encourage it. Show generosity, humanity, decency and devotion, and I will gladly take you in my stable as one of my appreciated servants.

Now that I have laid out what I expect from you, here is what you can expect from me. When we engage in chats, you will have my undivided attention. I schedule my interactions one a time and create activities and goals around each submissive’s fantasies. We will work together to nurture an engaging and kinky dynamic that will fulfill our mental, emotional and physical desires. I aim for nothing less but complete satisfaction that respects our boundaries, preferences and personalities.

Adequate and sensible procedures will be implemented on a case by case base since we all have different livelihood and family situations. I already had in place medical-grade cleaning, sanitizing and sterilizing measures that I will continue to uphold, and depending on our daily activities and what we will perform during an in-person scene, safety measure will be established.

Those who seek the depth of an authentic connection can finally find their muse. We will establish a unique arrangement that suits us both and move forward from there with our ongoing custom made D/s relationship.

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