Updated: May 18

Hello everyone,

I have been enjoying some much needed vacation time and I do wish I could spend more time on my hobbies and other passions, but it is time to go back to a little bit of preparation work as the lockdown restrictions are slowly being lifted. I’m being particularly cautious because I’ve seen my friends in Singapore go through 3 waves of infections despite the early measures they implemented. Only when Canadian authorities lift all restrictions will I start seeing my subs face to face again.

Regardless of my thorough sanitation and sterilization process that I have used well before COVID-19, domination is a close contact activity and I will not put anyone, including myself, at risk. Not only do I have a moral responsibility to keep everyone safe, there could also be legal repercussions. Think for a minute, if I’m forced to reveal information about who I was in close contact with to the authorities in case of contagion, imagine the consequences. I desire as much as you do to play and let go but there are lives at stake. Think of your family, your career and your social obligations before engaging in activities - you may be risking much more damage than temporary illness. This isn’t a case of hypochondria or paranoia, we carry a role in the ecosystem of our communities and we need to think further than our own selves. We all have a part to play and practicing solidarity is not about immediate results; we need to think for the long run.

Have I studied the information about the virus? Yes, with the help of friends in the medical field.

Did I keep an open mind and even looked into conspiracy theories? Who couldn’t come across at least one of those?

Do I stay informed on the situation? Every day.

Am I scared? No, but I have responsibilities that I intend to uphold.

As a dominant, I take it upon myself to be an inspiration to my submissives. Respect is something you earn and I do what it takes to attain it rightfully. I not only fulfill kink needs, but I also care about my minion’s health, careers and overall well-being. To properly serve me, the right balance has to be established so you can give your best to our D/s relationship.

In the past 2 months, those who are truly loyal and caring came forward and I have been blessed by phenomenal care and attention. I pleasurably reciprocated with long-distance games and naughty at home challenges that kept me occupied and satisfied. It felt good to see who genuinely wanted what was best for me and I have invested all my focus on those who truly deserve it. Those who sacrifice their earnings and put in considerable efforts to keep me safe and well merit all my attention. I found new stability and long term sustainability that I will cultivate from now on. Better stress management is a priority for the years to come and I will deliver my efforts strategically where it counts.

So now, more than ever, I’m reinforcing my new selection process. Show that you want to take care of me and I will in return help you achieve your goals and desires. Invest genuine interest in who I am and I will listen to all your ideas and fantasies. Be a good devotee first and I will become your closest ally, the strength that will propel you to your wildest dreams behind closed doors and in the world.

My stable is my team, we work together to support one another and achieve greatness. As one, we prevail.

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