Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Opinions are not the truth but they can help guide your way to it.

Hello and welcome to my new blog! I decided to bring a more personal flavour to my site and share my knowledge, experiences, views and opinions on the multiple facets of my craft. I will explore various topics in an attempt to give my readers useful insights and hopefully, guidance in their kinky quest. If you take the time to read this, I first and foremost, I want to thank you for your genuine interest in who I truly am. Through my writings, you will discover various aspects of my personality, my values, my beliefs, and what I wish to bring into this world. I live my art and passion wholeheartedly,

it's the vocation from which my mission takes its course.

I'm completely invested in my domination, it goes well beyond meeting my financial needs, it feeds core elements of my being. It gives me an opportunity to help individuals expand their horizons, discover themselves, accept themselves and dream bigger more fulfilling lives. Underneath the dark aesthetics of BDSM, a lot of healing is at work.

In my attempt to bring positive changes in this world, I hope my words will impact you for the better. It may confront you, and you are free to express your views and rest assured that as opinionated I can be I guarantee that I will always embrace the voice of reason when presented with worthy arguments. I don't believe in being right at all costs. Being committed to excellence, I believe in sharing our voices in an effort to find better solutions together.

These reflections are up for adjustment and/or change as I will grow with the feedback I'll receive. Your respectful constructive criticism is welcome, and I will happily post your replies or our ongoing debates on a subject through this blog. I want to cultivate more awareness in regards to BDSM, professional kink, sexual well-being and over all sex positive education. I'm hoping that by opening myself to you, this will enrich not just my life but yours too. Let's strive for sexier, happier, healthier debauchery.

Warning: you may get annoyed by my loose use of the question form in some of my writings. Yes, I was the obnoxious kid that couldn't stop asking "why"? You will have to bear with my insatiable curiosity and occasional mental masturbation while I try to find answers to the questions that spin my hamster wheel.

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