Updated: Jul 7

Newfound freedom

I’m totally binge enjoying my new free time. If you don’t hear much from me that’s because I’m busy delving in my exponentially increased quality of life. I only give a s*** to what and who matters and the rest has been joyfully discarded. The best part, I have a better margin of profit than ever before! I’m in heaven.

The wonderful lesson I learned with the slowdown of my activities due to COVID-19 is that strategic prioritization creates extraordinary results with close to no stress. Taking a closer look at my work methods and revenue structure allowed me to discover the ways to the Domination lifestyle of my dreams. You want to know how I did it?

I turned my back on attention vampires.

The energy and time thieves that led to no return in my life. Example: Twitter, Instagram, unpaid communications, advertising through the wrong platforms and the slavery of underpaid or free porn-like content. I no longer compulsively reply to my notifications. I especially don’t answer unpaid messaging attempts and I only see those I like that in return respect me the most. It so happens that there’s a direct correlation between higher tributed amounts and the genuine respect a submissive has for me. So simple! It was there all along but I was caught up in a game of comparison and a kind of competition with what I was seeing online, which turned me away from my inner wisdom for a while. Thanks to restrictions in travels, I have broken the cycle and achieved unprecedented balance and stability.

I AM FREE!!!!!!!!!

Free to spend my time as desired

Free to see who I like most

Free to do what I adore

Free to simply be, without paying attention to anyone’s opinion

Total bliss! My submissives are doubly happy to see me so radiant, our scenes are infused with more energy and fun, our relationships have strengthened and my stable has never been so healthy. I love my life more than ever before and I have no intention to go back to what used to be. The end.

P.S. I do have a few spots left for long-term ongoing submissives in my Edmonton and Calgary stables. I currently only have in-person sessions from those 2 cities. I see a restricted amount of individuals so I can keep track of everyone’s health. Once I reach my limit, new applicants will be put on a waiting list. Start the selection process by clicking this link.

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