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Redefining productivity

Still stuck at home, like the majority of us and with the rest of the world, I’m reorganizing my life for the “new normal”. Have I made some life-changing decisions? Absolutely. Am I going to modify aspects of my work? Heavily. It is what it is, my touring business model is no longer an option for this year. Given how closely travellers are going to be monitored I’m not sure if it will be safe for me to work abroad, even in the years to come. I definitely will travel for leisure and cool BDSM events, but when it comes to professional domination, I most likely won’t regularly tour internationally anymore. Hence why I’m redefining what productivity means to me and my craft.

With all that extra time on my hands, I obviously did some administration work and performance reviews, and came to definite conclusions on 3 aspects:

1- I’m not interested in creating ongoing video or photo online content

2- I won’t be spending as much time on social media

3- All my focus is being recentered on my loyal generous caring submissives

No more running around, no more scattering myself in a million directions, I will be investing my time strategically to produce results proven by my past numbers. I’m reclaiming my schedule and I will fill it with what matters and who matters most. My attention is precious and I will capitalize on it with what I believe in and enjoy. In my continuous quest to improve my quality of life, I’m taking one more step to create a healthy and fulfilling future.

What does this mean if you are aspiring to session with me? Well, unless you are interested in a long-term committed D/s relationship, you probably will want to turn to a service top or service provider. It doesn’t mean that the dynamic I seek needs to be daily interactions, but it has to be a reliable and consistent submission from your part. Those who reach out to me only when they have a boner will be ignored. It’s really quite simple, either you truly want to have a dominant that you cherish and care for, or you may continue seeking the next temporary thrill elsewhere. For your dedication, I will in return nurture your kink needs and offer you the bliss of being under trustworthy dominance expertise.

I will be updating my website in accordance with my decisions in the weeks to come and I will continue implementing my new selection format. If you’re not sure if you can meet my requirements I recommend you read my previous blog post: “The Desirable Ones.” If you do your homework and read my website thoroughly, there is very little chance I will turn you down. An unfortunate increase in negative client behaviours in the last decade has forced many Dominatrixes to take as drastic measures, as I have, to deal with the rise in disrespect for the livelihoods of adult industry professionals. When you truly demonstrate that you value someone’s time, they will appreciate your presence in return. This is such a simple concept, yet I’ve found myself repeating this too much in the past and more so recently.

Being naturally proactive, I implemented new structures to deal with previous issues and found better tools to obtain the results I wish for. I’m a hands-on, action-oriented Domme at my core, and I manage my long-distance interactions in a natural and organic fashion, just like regular kinky couples do in the BDSM community. I don’t like to describe my trade as “real-time” domination because time is always real and precious to me. My essence resides in authentic connections and real-life kink inspired by the life-long kinky relationships my friends and mentors cultivate. BDSM is more than just something I do on the side to make things interesting, it’s my culture and community. If you feel that the broad spectrum of kink and fetishes is where you belong, and you want to find an ally to assist you in embracing the lifestyle, I will happily help you fulfil that dream.

In retrospect, the pandemic was a blessing in disguise for me and it still is. I enjoyed much-needed rest, got back on track with my health routines and I returned to my other creative passions. It allowed me to redefine the ways to obtain the outcomes I desire and I’m laying the foundation for more sustainable streams of revenue for the years to come. Redefining productivity, for me, sums up in an even more careful distribution of my priceless time, the most precious resource there is.


COVID-19 update: Authorities have not established clear guidelines for the population and I’m still on standby to take face to face appointments. Some service providers and parlours who did not respect health guidelines have started being fined and reprimanded, and I have no intention to be part of them. When it is deemed safe, Calgary and Edmonton will be my first destinations.

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