Updated: Jul 7

The doors are now closed

I've been announcing this reality since April 2020, yet, many have omitted to act on it. At one point, I would restrict my activities only to my favourites and, today, it's finally happening.

If you doubted my words thinking it was a marketing strategy, I'm glad you didn't reach out as the level of trust you have towards me is notably insufficient. As for those who understood the situation and doubled their efforts to improve our relationship, they now enjoy a comfortable place by the feet of their Mistress.

My stable is full of only those I really like and want to spend time with. Their generous tributes and gifts keep me well and there's no need to search for more. Beyond COVID-19 restrictions, I've now fully transitioned to my new Domination format and have no intention to modify it until something meaningful motivates the consideration of a new application.

My chosen loyal pets fill my heart with joy and we will carry on in our mischievous games as a tightly knitted closed circle.

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