During my stay in Thailand, I had the pleasure of reconnecting with one of my great passions: massage. For those of you who don’t know already, I was a massage therapist in a past life and even if it tremendously helps my current vocation with anatomy, body manipulation and the understanding of neurology, I no longer practice. Though, at regular intervals I refresh my knowledge and expand my skills for my own enjoyment and health; I mean who would say no to being pampered by amazing people for a few consecutive days? For me, it’s more efficient to follow a course and completely immerse myself for multiple consecutive days in relaxation rather than getting a weekly massage. With my many travels, it gives me much needed small vacations and the sapiophile in me gets uplifted by the educational treat.

This year’s training brought me an extra gift, something I wasn’t planning and it opened up a brand new world of possibilities. In my vanilla life, especially when it comes to honouring the profession of massage therapy, a craft I hold in very high regard, I don’t talk about my main stream of revenue. I wouldn’t want my unconventional career to negatively reflect on my schools as they uphold high ethical standards for the therapeutic industry. This time, however, I have developed a fabulous friendship with the owner of one of my schools and was devoured by remorse not telling the truth to someone I now cherish so dearly. This woman of exception, the great inspiration for hundreds, this role model to an entire community of healers deserved to know. So I took the big leap and told her…

“I’m a professional Dominatrix”. With no surprise and great warmth, she welcomed the news with an outstanding display of open-mindedness. Wow, the cat was out of the bag and I immediately explained my reason for withholding in order to protect her and the school. She understood and was not the slightest bit concerned. She indicated that this had to stay within a closed circle because other students may not be as accepting but legally, with the fact I don’t practice, I was not a liability to her organization. I was so relieved and felt blessed that I could finally clarify this matter; I was bringing no harm to my beloved instructor.

In a complete twist of events, for 3 hours the roles got reversed. I found myself being thoroughly interviewed as she asked endless questions about my life, my story, my motivations, my set up, my travels and my well-being in this demanding and high-risk career. I joyfully shared all I could in a slight state of disbelief and found myself educating my role model. Here I was blabbering away the ins and outs of my craft, my school owner carefully paying attention and taking mental notes. It was surreal! One point strongly came out of our lively conversation: the fact that I was also a healer, and the undeniable therapeutic nature of my work.

For the past 5 years, beyond my many tours, I had travelled in the darkest corners of humanity to find ways to heal and bring light. Providing care and self-awareness to those coming under my command, embracing others in acceptance and striving to understand without judgement. My journey as a Dominatrix seems to have only begun yet an abundance of accomplishments follow my tracks. I am humbled by the impact I have had and still feel it’s not enough. There is so much more I wish to do in order to alleviate the stigmas of kink and deliver quality education about sexuality and relationships to those who need it the most; Particularly in conservative areas where human self-expression is suppressed.

My great role model turned to me and showed me that, I too, make a difference and that my healing gift was well used. With her blessing and support, I now return to my vocation with a renewed enthusiasm knowing that I’m ready for the next step. I’m confident that the addition of kink counselling to my services is not only relevant but needed and I trust my many hours of training and personal growth to help my dear submissives. I spent 2019 working on rebranding myself to find my own unique voice in the domination world. I am now ready to reveal the outcome of a great deal of studying, combined with my years of hands-on practice.

To be continued...

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