Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Due to the Coronavirus world spread of the past few days, I was forced to cancel my plans. I will spend 1 week in Melbourne, but Sydney, Auckland and Wellington remain to be confirmed.

Please note that this schedule and the destinations could vary due to the evolution of the coronavirus or if a significant investor sponsors a new destination. For those who wish to finance one of my trips, for more information go to: https://www.mistressevangeline.net/post/design-a-stunning-blog.

Melbourne, Australia

March 9 to March 15

Sydney, Australia, to be confirmed

March 16 to March 22

Auckland, New Zealand, to be confirmed

March 23 to March 29

Wellington, New Zealand, to be confirmed

March 30 to April 5

Mumbai, India, cancelled

April 6 to April 15

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, cancelled

April 16 to April 22

Rome, Italy, cancelled

April 23 to May 2

Athens, Greece, cancelled

May 3 to May 12

Bucharest, Romania, still on schedule

May 13 to May 19

Berlin, Germany, still on schedule

May 20 to May 25

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