the LAW is the LAW

fulfill your submissive needs with a professional who truly enjoys what she does and doesn't compromise her self-respect in the process.

you are not special snowflake!

Gifts, sweet nothings, delusions on your looks or how you think you can pleasure a woman will NOT give you any privilege.

I have sovereignty over my work, my body and my mind, I don't need to justify myself to you for the way I choose to conduct my business.

It is not because my work is part of the adult industry that it means anything and everything goes. Laws, guide lines, consent, etiquette and genuine respect are still in effect just like it would be for any other industry. "But all the others (...)" or "well you do this so you must (...)" type of comments are not going to be tolerated. You don't like my rules then move on to the next offer, you have thousands to choose from.

  2. For SUBMISSIVE only. NO switching and NO bottoming on my part.

  3. I AM NOT A COMMODITY OR AN OBJECT, I sell my skills, not my body.

  4. MY BODY is NOT a masturbation toy, NO touching, NO licking, NO kissing except my feet.

  5. SEXUAL HARASSMENT is not part of my job, erotic interactions have to be negotiated and consented to.

  6. Use proper PROTOCOLS and ETIQUETTE, NO entitled client attitude.

  7. you will OBEY my commands and play under my terms WITHIN YOUR ESTABLISHED LIMITS.

  8. NO STEP BY STEP instructions or TOPPING from the bottom, scripts are subject to approval.

  9. BE HONEST, particularly on your health, or you will suffer the CONSEQUENCES.

  10. READ my website and MEMORIZE my rules, I will not take kindly insubordination.


11. You MUST purchase a CONNECTION PACKAGE before booking, arguing this policy will have you BLACKLISTED.

12. NO BARGAINING, any attempt to lower the tribute will have you BLACKLISTED.

13. PAYING DOESN'T give you the right to do whatever you want, attaining CONSENT is the LAW.

14. TOUCHING, KISSING or LICKING me without my CONSENT is SEXUAL ASSAULT by LAW regardless of my work.

15. Don't pretend you are "JUST ASKING" to break a rule, you are no innocent and I will BLACKLIST weasels. 

16. COMMUNICATE any CHANGES, DELAYS or CANCELLATION, failure to do so will have you BLACKLISTED.

17. GHOSTING and NO SHOWS even with a paid retainer or full prepaid tribute are subject to BLACKLISTING.

18. This is NOT A FREE EROTIC CHATTING channel, unpaid erotic communications will have you BLACKLISTED.

19. Any CRIMINAL activities will be reported to the AUTHORITIES, NO MINORS INVOLVEMENT, NO BESTIALITY.

20. ARGUING my RULES is an immediate BLACKLIST, asking for CLARIFICATIONS is different and paramount. 

Individuals who have been blacklisted can be redeemed depending on the severity of the offence and if proper subsequent behaviour is displayed for a consistent period of time. If the negative behaviour comes back, the second blacklisting will be permanent. I'm the sole authority managing my blacklist and it is subject to my discretion only.

I recommend you educate yourself on consent, adequate negotiation, positive sexual behaviors and etiquette. Laws and guidelines constantly evolve and you may have missed the latest updates. Those suggested links will keep you in the loop of the "dos" and "don'ts" of today's sex positive community which includes sex workers and their patrons.