I organize my work in 5 categories:

 Medical Play 

Not only this system allows me to establish the proper tribute amount for the equipment and preparation required to perform your scene, it also helps me define the style of submission you are into. Multiple kinks will be combined in each category and you may mix a little bit of each category if needed.


I have over 500 hours of courses and supervised practices when it comes to Shibari, which does not include the unsupervised practice I have accumulated over the years.  Beyond my rope bondage training, I regularly attend workshops in other disciplines in order to expand my horizons and weekly perform a wide variety of BDSM techniques on my slaves/subs. I never miss an opportunity to learn from the Mistresses I meet in my travels and I gladly accept exploring new techniques when suggested by my salves/subs. 

I make sure to continually train in order to deliver the most exquisite creative scenes, safely and skillfully. Wherever I go (except the US), I bring all my properly sanitized and/or covered and/or sterilized equipment, offering you complete peace of mind when it comes to your health. Even if I like your suffering, I follow strict safety rules that we will review together before we start playing. Not only do I have basic training in physiology, anatomy and first aid, I also am very fond of psychology. Don't mess with me, I see you coming from afar and I will have the last word.

I will ask you if you have any health conditions and I expect full disclosure even if you feel it's irrelevant. Ex: Viagra is dangerous for your cardiovascular system if performing rope bondage. Make sure to sleep well, eat well, hydrate yourself and stay sober before seeing me. You would be surprised by what happens if you don't. I can fully assist you if you are in distress but I rather not.