I organize my work in 5 categories:

 Medical Play 



Not only this system allows me to establish the proper tribute amount for the equipment and preparation required to perform your scene, it also helps me define the style of submission you are into. Multiple kinks will be combined in each category and you may mix a little bit of each category if needed.


I have over 500 hours of courses and supervised practices when it comes to Shibari, which does not include the unsupervised practice I have accumulated over the years.  Beyond my rope bondage training, I regularly attend workshops in other disciplines in order to expand my horizons and weekly perform a wide variety of BDSM techniques on my slaves/subs. I never miss an opportunity to learn from the Mistresses I meet in my travels and I gladly accept exploring new techniques when suggested by my salves/subs. 

I make sure to continually train in order to deliver the most exquisite creative scenes, safely and skillfully. Wherever I go (except the US), I bring all my properly sanitized and/or covered and/or sterilized equipment, offering you complete peace of mind when it comes to your health. Even if I like your suffering, I follow strict safety rules that we will review together before we start playing. Not only do I have basic training in physiology, anatomy and first aid, I also am very fond of psychology. Don't mess with me, I see you coming from afar and I will have the last word.

I will ask you if you have any health conditions and I expect full disclosure even if you feel it's irrelevant. Ex: Viagra is dangerous for your cardiovascular system if performing rope bondage. Make sure to sleep well, eat well, hydrate yourself and stay sober before seeing me. You would be surprised by what happens if you don't. I can fully assist you if you are in distress but I rather not.

  • Classic BDSM

    This is the core from which all started. BDSM is not just about sadomasochism or domination and submission, the large umbrella of practices the acronym attempts to cover merely describes long used practices to explore the body and the soul. With time and technological advances, the games have evolved yet one thing remains, the desire to go beyond your fears, to explore your limits and rediscover your interactions with others and yourself. 

    Traditionally, the available resources were limited to what nature had to offer; leather, wood, metal, fire, etc. Now, we have access to silicone, latex, electricity, motors, technology and so much more in order to enhance our toy selection. 

    Some practices have more risks than others, when someone's life is at stake or permanent damage can because that category of kink is called Edge Play, not to be confused with edging. This is not for beginners and extreme caution must be used. You have the responsibility to educate yourself on what you are requesting and have to be ready to face the potential consequences. In Edge Play, nothing is guaranteed and a lot can go wrong if you don't know what you are doing. I did my homework on this, do yours because you carry the responsibility of requesting for those extreme kinks. I will decline any activities that will have negative legal repercussions on me.

     A safeword system will be agreed upon at the beginning of the session so you can express any problems that may occur during play. Reality is not a movie this will be intense, also your performance ego should stay at the door when it's time for you to call red. Remember your suffering is my joy, you must establish your limits as I am only confined by the law when it comes to what I will be willing to do to you. 


    For the purpose of narrowing the subject to what I can accomplish with you, what I define as classic BDSM is:


    • Power exchange (Master/servant, owner/pet, dominant/submissive...)

    • Roleplay (Doctor/patient, teacher/student, boss/employee...)

    • Humiliation and degradation (physically and/or mentally, privately and/or publicly)

    • Bondage (Leather restraints, rope, chains, mummification...)

    • Pegging (strap-on, dildos, butt plugs, anal hooks, prostate massage...)

    • Orgasm control (tease and denial, edging, ruined orgasms, control by messaging...)

    • Feminization (full transformation, clothing, verbal feminization, sissy training...)

    • Sensory deprivation (Blindfold, hoods, earplugs, covering...)

    • Sensation play (Wartenberg wheel, metal nails, light electro-stimulation, clothespins...)

    • Nipple play (Wartenberg wheel, weights, clamps, nipple pumps...)

    • Light CBT (Wartenberg wheel, weights, light stretching, clamps, penis pump, light bondage, light impact...)

    • Light impact play (Flogging, spanking, paddles, straps, horse crops...)

    • ADBL (#1 and #2 diaper changes, bottle feeding, rocking to sleep...)

    • Servitude (house chores, driving, running errands, cooking...)

    • Wax play, fire play and cupping

    • Light trampling

    • Tickle torture

    • Chastity cages and belts or genital confinement*

    Edge Play (for experienced bottoms only)

    • Suspension (rope bondage or dungeon installation)

    • Heavy impact play (Kicks, punches, flogging, spanking, paddles, straps, horse crops...)

    • Knife play

    • Heavy CBT ( Heavy stretching, heavy bondage, heavy impact, ballbusting, trampling...)

    • Heavy trampling ( face, pointy heels, multiple tramplers, abdomen stance...)

    • Breathplay (asphyxiation by hands, plastic wrap, tap, hood, gag, chokeholds...)

    • Go to the medical play section to see more Edge play techniques

    I know this does not list all of the traditional practices, though it does display the most popular and accessible kinks I have been requested for. Also, they do not require elaborate equipment or preparation which generally means no extra cost. 

    * you should buy your own chastity device for health purposes and proper fit. If you wish to use my chastity cage for the time of the session, I strongly recommend you paying for the autoclave sterilization for peace of mind. The cage is thoroughly cleaned with medical sterilizing whips and the straps are machined washed after every use.

  • Filth Lovers

    Oh my dear deviants, filth lovers, garbage cans, toilets, strong odor sniffers, used pantie collectors, spittoon, dirty feet lickers and recipients of all kind. If only you knew the great service you do to this world and the happiness you bring me by alleviating me from  my bodily waists and scum.


    On a more serious tone, I truly honor your courage and devotion for these extreme taboo practices.


    When preparing for hard sports, I will only ingest the best of ingredients the day before our session to make you a meal of the highest quality. It is critical that you provide your retainer or prepayment to confirm your booking at the latest 24 hours before the established date and time. Failure to provide the necessary tribute in a timely manner will result in the decline of your request. My chocolate can only be served between 10 am and 12 pm and my serving time could fluctuate depending on  how jet lagged I am when traveling internationally. I can perform in various settings and positions with or without accessories as long as your hands, mouth or genitals don't enter in direct contact with my crotch. 


    Advance notice and proper advance retainer or tribute is also required if you wish to indulge in the glory of my bodily essences or wish for me to collect bodily treats such as nails, hair and used items.

    you must keep in mind once more, this is real life, it will not happen in a click like the internet. 

    • Water sports

    • Hard sports

    • Forced feeding

    • Ruby water sports

    • Spitting (on the body or in the mouth)

    • Feet cleaning (with the mouth or in a bath)

    • Sniffing (no contact is allowed on the sniffed areas expect my feet)

    • Used clothing for temporary use or sale (panties, shoes, nylons...)

    • Nails, hair, used personal hygiene items...

    • Roman shower****

    ****When it comes to Roman shower, the incentive will have to be major to make myself  physically sick for your fetish. I will be disabled for at least half a day if not more while recovering from this sickness. Proper compensation for the time I cannot use for other activities and for the pain and discomfort is unquestionable. The recovery tribute an the hourly tribute need to be paid in full at least 24 hours in advance or the booking will be denied. 

  • Fetishes

    Obsessed by the beauty of toes or possessed  by the thought of a latex goddess? New devoted followers are always welcome in the house of this Goddess. Though beware she will ruthlessly expel you if you do not abide by her commandments.

    I despise being objectified and refuse to be a pretty doll for hire. Submission is required when seeing me and I will not welcome entitled,  bossy and/or controlling fetishists. I am a Mistress, not a model, and I offer skills to create unique sensual scenes, not common erotic services. 

    Outfit requests have to be pertinent to the scene. 

    • Foot, shoe, nylon and/or boot worship

    • Massaging and teasing performed by feet with or without shoes and/or boots

    • Alvinolagnia (belly fetish, belly dancing, a creature inside...) 

    • Clothing fetishes (latex****, leather, silk, nylon, masks, gloves...)

    • Vorarephilia/Vore (being swallowed simulation, hypno-vore, eating in front of you...)

    • Giantess (role play and point of view positioning)

    If you have a fun original fetish that is not on my list please let me know as I enjoy trying new things out of the ordinary as long as it's within my rules.


    **** Real latex clothing requires extensive maintenance and demands time to be put on. I may be required to charge an extra preparation and cleaning fee if combined with the use of multiple toys.

  • Financial Domination

    Money is power and the more money you give me the more power I will have over you, simple math. You say you want to please me? Then take out your wallet and give me your earnings. It's instant and irrevocable. In that moment, you will have no other choice but to comply and bow before your superior, me.

    Financial domination is the most efficient, versatile and easy kink to engage in, especially for beginners. It will train you to always respect your Mistress by providing her with what's rightfully hers and develop good habits from the start. 

    You want more attention from women? Then bring value to your interactions and give her a reason to want to know you. Nothing can replace the genuine affection one provides when financially supporting the people they care about. The more you invest in me, the happier I will be and the more pleasure we will have together. 

    You may show your pecuniary devotion with:

    Give yourself the gift of submission, relinquish your money to the one you adore and experience the bliss of being controlled. 

  • Medical Play

    Yes, among all my great talents I'm also a Doctor** that compassionately cares for the ill. Dr. Ducharme's clinic** uses only the most advanced equipment and upholds the highest standards of hygiene and safety. I perform techniques that require some medical sterilization***, complex instrumentation***, special attention and/or first aid techniques. These practices can be hazardous to health and I strongly recommend you thoroughly educate yourself on the risks of your kinks before engaging in them. 

    • Doctor/patient, nurse/patient or therapist/patient roleplay and costumes

    • Medical exams** (general or specific)

    • Diagnosis and treatments** (band-aid, bondage, cast, disinfection ...)

    • Physical testing (endurance, stimuli response, electrotherapy...)

    Edge Play (for experienced bottoms only

    • Sounding

    • Internal electro-stimulation (Urethra and anus)

    • Skin abrasions (Blood play, scarring, branding, cutting, needle play...)

    • Branding (electrical or fire)

    • Saline injections and infusion 

    • Dental torture

    **The use of the terms Doctor, Dr. Ducharme's clinic, medical exam, diagnosis and treatment s are only to be used in the context of roleplay. I am not a trained physician and under no circumstances will I provide real medical advice or treatment.

    ***The cost of sterile needles, blades, catheters or any other medical equipment, as well as autoclave sterilization of sounds, chastity cage or uncovered insertable electro-stimulation equipment, need to be covered prior to the purchase of the said items. Advance notice is required and reasonable time must be given in case of mail delivery.